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ym futures statistical odds, buy the dip

ymstatsymtradesStats ended up slightly wrong today, but I still managed to make money. 61% day trading odds of closing above the open, I got long on a small dip and exited on a huge spike. Notice I have a pattern of missing large run ups due to my VSA exiting criteria. Half of the time it will protect me from losses as well.

YM buy the dip statistical odds trade

ymstats ymtrade


Statistical odds for the YM futures were bullish with 60% chance of closing green. I waited for the market to drop a bit according to my intraday VSA rules and got long. I exited when I saw a large range spike, thinking the market would come back a little before moving forward. That was pretty dumb of me, but at least it’s a profit.

YM gap fill trade and nq odds

Stats for the morning trade was bullish, signaling a gap fill for the NQ and the YM. I usually don’t trade all my stats, there really is no point to since most of the indices are highly correlated and I can make up for it by using size. Today I chose the YM over the NQ because it was a bit more bullish. Based on the YM’s configuration of the past few days, it had a 70% chance of closing above previous lows in addition to the gap fill. I took the long a few minutes after the open and exited just before the gap filled.