Month: August 2014

es futuers day trading odds, buying the dip



Es futures stats were bullish. My goal was to buy the dip. Since the day before closed on the lows, I figured if the market will rally, it will do so fairly early (bull market behavior!). I entered on the first small spike down and exited on some spike action on the way up. I missed out on a huge run up, this is a problem I am trying to address on both a psychological as well as systematic space.

YM buy the dip statistical odds trade

ymstats ymtrade


Statistical odds for the YM futures were bullish with 60% chance of closing green. I waited for the market to drop a bit according to my intraday VSA rules and got long. I exited when I saw a large range spike, thinking the market would come back a little before moving forward. That was pretty dumb of me, but at least it’s a profit.